It’s been quite a journey for Wirral Council. Six years ago, we were a local authority in crisis: on the verge of central government intervention. After partnering with the Local Government Association and creating an Improvement Board, we turned a corner. In 2015 we were recognised as the Local Government Chronicle’s ‘Most Improved Council’, experiencing the fastest turnaround of any council in the UK.

The fact is we refuse to accept ‘normal’. Our pragmatic, innovative vision ‘The Wirral Plan’ strives for outstanding, which isn’t easy in these challenging times. With a Government committed to cutting public expenditure, there’s only one way to deliver radical change. We can’t simply focus on what can be achieved; we need to completely rethink how we’re going to deliver it.

We’ve changed the way we think and act. Rather than being a ‘large service provider’, we’re becoming a modern community leader; a progressive, partnership galvaniser. We’re an outward-facing, learning authority. In fact, we’re embracing new models and forging partnerships beyond traditional boundaries. Open and transparent, we’re sharing our journey with our valued residents as we create a place where people and businesses thrive.

This role is fundamental to our ability to reshape Wirral, to making sure our improvement gathers momentum and we’re resilient to the conditions we know are coming. You’ll take us to the next level, and create a legacy for yourself in the process. It’s a tough environment, but if you’re ambitious, driven by the bigger picture and you ‘get’ transformation, this could be the making of you.

Right now, you’ll be a leader in your field; a switched-on, proactive partner who’s ready to drive through modernisation.

We’re expecting great things from the future. This site will provide all the information you need and I’ll look forward to receiving your application.

Eric Robinson, Chief Executive

Lead Wirral from Penna on Vimeo.

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